5 reasons why our minigolf (click for more info)

1) We help you have pleasant and meaningful time with your close people


Minigolf is an aktivity which pleasures almost everyone.

Your partner is happy that you think something original up. Your son is happy that you take him to the place where you can spend some time together and competite to each other. Grandparents are grateful that you find so nice aktivity, where could the whole family meet each other and they can actively join.

You can constantly improve yourself and learn more about your soul. It is the ideal space for progress of your baby from the point of view of psychology - the minigolf helps to develop cognitive abillities, for example attention during processing their own emotions.

To sum up...Isn´t it better to play minigolf with your close than spend afternoon in front of TV or PC?

2) We enjoy sharing our enthusiasm with you


Simply, we are keen on minigolf so you meet kind personnel who will help you with the game. Our personnel is trained by the owner - long-standing minigolf player with many experiences. You will learn something about this sport nice sport and we will be satisfied as you. 

3) Pleasing stable environment


It will never be raining here. No matter what weather is outside, here you can play everytime you want to.

The course is simply reachable and has the longes opening-hours of all minigolf courses in the Czech republic.

The next advantage is the placing. The shopping centre completely barrier-free. In addition you can calmly arrange and organize your issues and we entertain your child or partner.

4) Extra services


Except the game on first-rate course itself, you have possibility to use services of our trainers, groups for children, hours for seniors and plenty others minigolf activities.

If you want to buy some fine minigolf equipment,which we offer, we are helpful to advise.


5) Ideal environment for celebrations and teambuilding


We have made already 201 birthday parties and tens of teambuildings. Their backround is always the minigolf - as training, demonstration of the game or tournament. We also have accompanying program and snack.

Join hundreads of our satisfied customers who enjoyed this experience.

Minigolf Butovice

Radlická 117, 150 00 Praha 5
OC Galerie Butovice
1. podlaží / 1st floor
+420 777 891 610 info@minigolfbutovice.cz
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