Price list

There are affordable prices prepared for you. We want it suitable to everyone – profi players and general public. See for yourselves.

If someone has not enough time or just want to try the game, he can use our special offer - 35 CZK/15 minutes.

Everyone who has more time can play according to this price list :


Number of players

1,5 hr


1 (up to 100 cm *)



1 (up to 12 years)

99 CZK



119 CZK



139 CZK



379 CZK

Season ticket 5

5 entries

450 CZK

Season ticket 10

10 entries

850 CZK

 * accompanied by a paying adult

We accept coupons Sodexo Flexi Pass, Dárkový Pass, Relax Pass and Fokus Pass.

It is not possible to pay by credit card.


Rental fees 

Rental of basic minigolf equipment (standard club + 2 minigolf balls) for FREE. Rental of minigolf PRO set (professional club + 4 SV golf balls): 50 CZK (details here).


Reduced prices

For school Groups - 50 CZK/person on working days from 10 to 14 h.

For members of ČMGS - every Tuesday -  70 CZK/entry


Season tickets

Use our season ticket for 5 or 10 entries (1 entry = one 1.5 hour unit) at a bargain price for larger groups of players or individuals for reuse. You can buy the ticket at our desk in Minigolf Butovice. We can send you the tickets also on delivery.


Birthday Parties

- Please contact us at:


Tomáš Navrátil Academy


Number of participants





1 hr

300 CZK


Would you like to penetrate the mysteries of minigolf? Take advantage of training with Tomáš Navrátil - long-time player, president of the Czech minigolf association, who has more than 20-year experience. Learn how to play each hole correctly and gain many skills.

Order a course at


Minigolf Butovice

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OC Galerie Butovice
1. podlaží / 1st floor
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