How the minigolf Champions played at our place...

Do you want to get a free briefing how to play on our course before your visit? Do you want to compare your performance with the best players of the world? Look at the Czech TV coverage from the tournament Galerie Butovice Diamond Minigolf Masters which took place on 6 March...
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Possibility to borrow PRO minigolf set

The beauty of minigolf sport is even closer now for the general public. Just for 50 CZK you have the opportunity to rent for your play a quality NIFO Public Pro club with integrated rubber and 4 balls from SV Golf. Rent of a standard minigolf equipment remains free of charge.  
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Minigolf equipment newly for sell at our course

You can buy minigolf equipment right at our place now! In the Czech Republic there is currently no store with minigolf equipment. It can be purchased only from the manufacturer or can be arranged at several of its distributors (individuals). Now you can choose any good from the...
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School tournament in Minigolf Butovice

Minigolf Butovice is attended by various primary and nursery schools. For example, few days ago we had a New Year's tournament played by parents with children from school clubs (aged 6-8 years) from the elementary school in Prague Lužiny and parents with children from...
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We just had the 1,000th visitor!

Today, the threshold was stepped over by the thousandth visitor! Our thanks for reaching this magical milestone goes to Mr Tomáš Šámal. Saying "thank you" is not enough. Therefore, we are giving to Mr Samal our season ticket for 10 free visits on our minigolf course. Congratulations!
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Original Christmas gift

Thinking about a Christmas gift that your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, son, daughter, neighbour, lover, grandfather or mother-in-law have certainly never got yet? We come with the appropriate solution- buy season tickets to the first indoor minigolf in Prague. The ticket is...
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Christmas tournament

We invite you to a Christmas minigolf tournament for public. The tournament will be held on Monday 27 December 2010 from 10 am to 4 pm. Tournament is open only to players under 18 who are not registered in any minigolf club in the Czech Minigolf Association (ČMGS). The tournament is played for 1...
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Grand opening took place today

Today, the opening of Minigolf Butovice took place with attendance of journalists, business executives of Galerie Butovice shopping centre and other invited guests. See photos in our gallery.
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Nová provozovna - Minigolf Kotva

Nová provozovna
Nám. Republiky 8
Praha 1
Metro B - Náměstí Republiky
+420 777 891 610 www.minigolfkotva.cz
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